Tips To Prevent Rheumatic

27 05 2008

Here are some simple tips that could be applied to prevent rheumatic (including gout, etc) :

  • Watch your weight. Keep it ideal
  • Watch your diets (consume healthy foods and low fat, also rich nutrition like hilo milk)
  • Do exercises (sports) regularly (but do not push your self to do repeated movement without break)
  • Let’s protect ourself from rheumatic with healthy life.


    Rheumatic and Gout Myth

    12 05 2008

    There’s a myth said that rheumatics caused by high uric acid level in body.
    But that’s wrong!! Gout is only a kind of rheumatic (there are about 100 kinds of rheumatic).

    There’s other myth said that rheumatic caused by seafood. That’s wrong too!! Not all kinds of rheumatic caused by seafood, only gout that caused by seafood. Gout caused by high purine level which was contained in seafood and innards. But, the other kinds of rheumatic was not caused by seafood.

    There’s a lot of myths about rheumatic and gout. But don’t trust it directly.
    The fact is we have to take care of our health in order to avoid all diseases. And one of the way to get there is by consuming the supplement for bones and joint, that were certain must in the right dose, like hilo milk.

    Mitos Rematik dan Asam Urat

    9 05 2008

    Ada mitos yang mengatakan bahwa penyakit rematik disebabkan oleh tingginya kadar asam urat dalam tubuh. Ternyata mitos tersebut salah! Asam urat hanyalah salah satu jenis rematik (Ada sekitar 100 jenis penyakit rematik).

    Ada juga mitos yang mengatakan bahwa penyakit rematik disebabkan oleh makanan laut alias seafood. Mitos tersebut juga salah. Penyakit rematik yang disebabkan oleh konsumsi seafood hanyalah asam urat (nama lainnya: gout). Asam urat memang disebabkan oleh tingginya kadar purin (yang terdapat dalam seafood dan jeroan). Tetapi penyakit rematik yang lain tidak disebabkan oleh konsumsi makanan laut atau seafood.

    Memang banyak mitos yang beredar mengenai penyakit rematik dan asam urat. Tetapi jangan langsung percayai kebenarannya.
    Yang pasti faktanya adalah kita harus menjaga kesehatan tubuh dengan baik agar terhindar dari segala macam penyakit. Salah satunya adalah dengan mengkonsumsi suplemen untuk tulang dan sendi (yang tentu saja harus dalam dosis sesuai) seperti susu HiLo.

    Overweight and Gout

    8 05 2008

    If you have a problem with your weight like overweight or obesity then you have to aware the risk of osteoarthritis.

    Osteoarthritis is a kind of rheumatic that caused by abnormal wearing of the cartilage and decrease of synovial fluid.

    If you are an overweight person then you put extra stress to your cartilage and joint.

    To avoid that problems, better you consume high calcium supplement, also chondroitine and glucosamine, that could protect you from bone and joint problems, like hilo milk. Beside containing high calcium, chondroitine, and glucosamine which are good for your bone and joint, hi-lo milk is also a low fat milk. So, it doesn’t cause overweight or obesity.

    Foods for gout patients

    6 05 2008

    Foods that was not permitted for gout patients are Offal/innard, duck, bird, brain, sardine, shell/mollusks, broth, alcohol, yeast, and canned corner beef.

    Foods that must be restricted for gout patients are chicken, fish, shrimp, beans, tofu, tempeh, spinach, stringbean, Gnetum gnemon, mushroom, asparagus, cabbage, and peas.

    Foods that was permitted are carbohydrate (rice, corn, noodle, rice vermicelli, cassava, sweets, flour, etc), fruits, vegetables (except that was restricted), oat, low fat milk like hilo milk, cheese, and egg.

    Gout (Part 1)

    30 04 2008

    I’m trying to share information about gout.
    Hope it’s useful for all of you.

    Gout is caused by too much uric acid in blood stream so it must be discard to other organ
    like kidney and joint.

    High level of uric acid caused by:

  • production of uric acid in blood is increasing caused by too much consuming purine rich foods like seafood, or
  • Body’s ability to excrete the uric acid is decreasing, caused by lack function of kidney or too much consuming alcohol.
  • Normal uric acid level in blood stream :
    – Male : 3.5 – 7.2 mg/dL
    – Female : 2.6 – 6.0 mg/dL

    See you in the next article about gout.
    So, always consuming hilo milk to avoid gout disease.

    Fact About Rheumatic

    28 04 2008

    Do you know that 1 of 6 people in this world having rheumatics?
    And people who have rheumatic in this world now is over than 300 millions. Scary right?!
    And the worse, it’s said that the number will increase in the next year…
    So, to prevent yourself from rheumatic, you have to consume high calcium suplement regulary, such as hi-lo milk!
    Be aware from rheumatic!