Rheumatic That Attact Feet

10 06 2008

Kind of rheumatic that attact feet called Plantar Fascitis.
This kind of rheumatic caused by:

  • Overweight
  • Not suit shoes or sandals
  • Too much walking
  • Too much standing
  • And the solutions are:

  • Use a comfortable shoe or sandal. For woman, try not too use high heels too much.
  • Make your bone and joint more healthy (example: consume high calcium supplement that good for your bone and joint like hilo milk)
  • Keep your weight ideal (consume supplement that also low fat like hi-lo milk)
  • Rest your feet after too much walking/standing

  • Still About Trigger Finger Rheumatic

    6 06 2008

    For more information, trigger finger rheumatic (that attacts your finger) is a kind of outer joint rheumatic.
    Beside tigger finger, other kind of outer joint rheumatic is plantar fascitis (that attact your sole of foot). The sympton of plantar fascitis is pain while your sole of foot touch the floor.
    I’ll review about plantar fascitis in the next post.
    You should consume hi-lo milk that contains supplement for your bone and joint regulary to prevent yourself form many kind of rheumatics.

    Solution for trigger finger (rheumatic in fingers)

    4 06 2008

    Like i said in my last post, here are tips how to overcome rheumatic in fingers (trigger finger) :

  • let your joint’s finger relax
  • do light exercise
  • submerged your fingers in warm water for 10 minutes
  • massage fingers softly
  • consume hilo milk regularly
  • When the trigger-finger comes to the higher stadium, you probably should see your doctor to get appropriate medicine,such as pain killer, or even surgery.
    Before it’s too late, consume hi-lo milk regularly. Because hilo milk contains adequate supplements (calcium, etc) for your bones and joints health. You don’t have to worry about the fat contained, because hi-lo is a low fat milk. If you don’t like milk, hilo milk have a lot of flavour variants. Just pick any of them as your favourite.
    Moreover, there’s mung bean hilo milk which can be consumed by lactose intolerant peoples (get diarrhea after taking milk).

    Are you overweight? Calculate with BMI

    22 05 2008

    Based on my recent post about obesity and osteoarthritis risks, now i want to discuss about which level are you could be counted overweight?
    To declare that you are overweight or not, you can calculate with Body Mass Index (BMI) formula :

    Weight (in kg)
    (Height (in meter))2

    If the result has reached 23, be careful, because you have been classified as overweight and had a higher risk of osteoarthritis.
    To have a healthy bone and joint without the risk of overweight, consume bone and joint supplement contain high calcium and low fat like hi-lo milk from Nutrifood.

    Rheumatic Osteoarthritis Symptoms

    21 05 2008

    Here are rheumatic osteoarthritis‘s symptoms (caused by abnormal wearing of the cartilage and decrease of synovial fluid)

  • pain in your joint after long activity. However, the pain will decrease after you take a break
  • stiff in joint (especially in the morning)
  • swelling in joint
  • imp/ lame / crippled
  • Do you feel one of them ?
    But, take it easy, rheumatic can be prevented and cured.
    The prevention like i’d already posted in the previous (by consuming high calcium supplement, contain glucosamine and chondroitine, also low fat like hilo milk). And, for the treatment i will disscuss in the next post.

    Overweight and Gout

    8 05 2008

    If you have a problem with your weight like overweight or obesity then you have to aware the risk of osteoarthritis.

    Osteoarthritis is a kind of rheumatic that caused by abnormal wearing of the cartilage and decrease of synovial fluid.

    If you are an overweight person then you put extra stress to your cartilage and joint.

    To avoid that problems, better you consume high calcium supplement, also chondroitine and glucosamine, that could protect you from bone and joint problems, like hilo milk. Beside containing high calcium, chondroitine, and glucosamine which are good for your bone and joint, hi-lo milk is also a low fat milk. So, it doesn’t cause overweight or obesity.

    Is Rheumatic Only Attack Woman?

    17 04 2008

    Is rheumatic only attack woman? no!
    Both man and woman can have rheumatic!
    Even woman having more risk to have rheumatic. After above 45 years old, woman having 3 times more risk to have rheumatic.
    Man having more risk to have rheumatic bellow age 45.
    Kind of rheumatic that usually attacked man is gout.

    So, both man and woman should take care of their health well, so that they dont attacked by rheumatic, or other deseases.
    Consuming supplement with high calcium and low fat such as hilo milk can avoid you from rheumatic and other kind of desease!