Still About Trigger Finger Rheumatic

6 06 2008

For more information, trigger finger rheumatic (that attacts your finger) is a kind of outer joint rheumatic.
Beside tigger finger, other kind of outer joint rheumatic is plantar fascitis (that attact your sole of foot). The sympton of plantar fascitis is pain while your sole of foot touch the floor.
I’ll review about plantar fascitis in the next post.
You should consume hi-lo milk that contains supplement for your bone and joint regulary to prevent yourself form many kind of rheumatics.


Tips To Prevent Rheumatic

27 05 2008

Here are some simple tips that could be applied to prevent rheumatic (including gout, etc) :

  • Watch your weight. Keep it ideal
  • Watch your diets (consume healthy foods and low fat, also rich nutrition like hilo milk)
  • Do exercises (sports) regularly (but do not push your self to do repeated movement without break)
  • Let’s protect ourself from rheumatic with healthy life.

    Rheumatic and Gout Myth

    12 05 2008

    There’s a myth said that rheumatics caused by high uric acid level in body.
    But that’s wrong!! Gout is only a kind of rheumatic (there are about 100 kinds of rheumatic).

    There’s other myth said that rheumatic caused by seafood. That’s wrong too!! Not all kinds of rheumatic caused by seafood, only gout that caused by seafood. Gout caused by high purine level which was contained in seafood and innards. But, the other kinds of rheumatic was not caused by seafood.

    There’s a lot of myths about rheumatic and gout. But don’t trust it directly.
    The fact is we have to take care of our health in order to avoid all diseases. And one of the way to get there is by consuming the supplement for bones and joint, that were certain must in the right dose, like hilo milk.

    Fact About Rheumatic

    28 04 2008

    Do you know that 1 of 6 people in this world having rheumatics?
    And people who have rheumatic in this world now is over than 300 millions. Scary right?!
    And the worse, it’s said that the number will increase in the next year…
    So, to prevent yourself from rheumatic, you have to consume high calcium suplement regulary, such as hi-lo milk!
    Be aware from rheumatic!

    What is Omega-3?

    24 04 2008

    Do you know what is omega-3 and what’s it’s function for your body?
    Omega-3 is a kind of good fat acid, that’s good for your health.

    Omega-3 can avoid you from many deseases such as heart attact, asthma, diabetics, and even joint problems.

    Research said that by consuming omega-3 regullary and in a right dose, rheumatics (such as gout, etc) can be slowed down.
    For more details, you can see in the hi-lo milk articles from Nutrifood.

    Is Rheumatic Only Attack Woman?

    17 04 2008

    Is rheumatic only attack woman? no!
    Both man and woman can have rheumatic!
    Even woman having more risk to have rheumatic. After above 45 years old, woman having 3 times more risk to have rheumatic.
    Man having more risk to have rheumatic bellow age 45.
    Kind of rheumatic that usually attacked man is gout.

    So, both man and woman should take care of their health well, so that they dont attacked by rheumatic, or other deseases.
    Consuming supplement with high calcium and low fat such as hilo milk can avoid you from rheumatic and other kind of desease!

    Osteoarthritis and Sports

    7 04 2008

    What is Osteoarthritis??
    We can say that oseteoarthritis is gout or rickety or rheumatic.

    Then, what’s the relationship between osteoarthritis with doing exercise?
    Whereas hard exercise involve highly physical activities will increase osteoarthritis risk.

    So, should we stop doing exercise to avoid osteoarthritis?
    The answer is NO!!
    Cause we can avoid osteoarthritis by taking the right dose of glucosamine and chondroitine,
    just like in Hilo milk, one of PT Nutrifood’s products.
    So, by taking Hi-Lo milk regularly, we still can do hard exercise without worry smitten by osteoarthritis.