Solution for trigger finger (rheumatic in fingers)

4 06 2008

Like i said in my last post, here are tips how to overcome rheumatic in fingers (trigger finger) :

  • let your joint’s finger relax
  • do light exercise
  • submerged your fingers in warm water for 10 minutes
  • massage fingers softly
  • consume hilo milk regularly
  • When the trigger-finger comes to the higher stadium, you probably should see your doctor to get appropriate medicine,such as pain killer, or even surgery.
    Before it’s too late, consume hi-lo milk regularly. Because hilo milk contains adequate supplements (calcium, etc) for your bones and joints health. You don’t have to worry about the fat contained, because hi-lo is a low fat milk. If you don’t like milk, hilo milk have a lot of flavour variants. Just pick any of them as your favourite.
    Moreover, there’s mung bean hilo milk which can be consumed by lactose intolerant peoples (get diarrhea after taking milk).


    Tips to lighten the pain of rheumatic

    28 05 2008

    To lighten the pain of rheumatic, you can do these steps :

    1. Do Rheumatics gym
    2. Relaxation / stretching
    3. Compress with warm water for 20 minutes
    4. Consume Hilo milk regularly

    Hope this post helps you.. 🙂

    Tips To Prevent Rheumatic

    27 05 2008

    Here are some simple tips that could be applied to prevent rheumatic (including gout, etc) :

  • Watch your weight. Keep it ideal
  • Watch your diets (consume healthy foods and low fat, also rich nutrition like hilo milk)
  • Do exercises (sports) regularly (but do not push your self to do repeated movement without break)
  • Let’s protect ourself from rheumatic with healthy life.

    Tips Untuk Meringankan Nyeri Rematik

    23 05 2008

    Untuk meringankan rasa nyeri bagi penderita penyakit rematik, langkah-langkah yang dapat dilakukan adalah sebagai berikut:

  • Senam rematik
  • Relaksasi / perengangan otot
  • Kompres dengan air hangat selama 20 menit
  • Konsumsi susu HiLo secara teratur
  • Semoga membantu 🙂

    Tips Mencegah Rematik

    13 05 2008

    Berikut tips sederhana yang dapat diterapkan untuk mencegah penyakit rematik (termasuk asam urat, dan sebagainya):

  • Jaga berat badan anda agar tetap ideal
  • Jaga pola makan anda (konsumsilah makanan sehat dan rendah lemak, serta kaya nutrisi seperti susu hi-lo)
  • Lakukan olahraga secara teratur (namun jangan paksakan untuk melakukan gerakan berulang secara terus menerus tanpa istirahat)
  • Mari kita cegah penyakit rematik dengan menerapkan prinsip hidup sehat 🙂

    Long Distance Relationship Tips

    21 04 2008

    There’re tips for you who needs tips for long distance relationship in hilo teen’s website here.

    Even it’s not easy, but long distance relationship is possible. Hi-Lo Teen’s site already give the tips for doing it.
    The key is a good communication and never give up!
    Good luck 🙂

    Tips Pacaran Jarak Jauh

    21 04 2008

    Buat kamu yang butuh tips untuk pacaran jarak jauh alias LD alias long distance, bisa dilihat di situs susu hi-lo teen disini.

    Meskipun sulit tetapi pacaran jarak jauh mungkin kok untuk dilakukan. Website hilo teen sudah membahasnya dan memberikan tips-tips nya.
    Intinya yang pailng diperlukan adalah komunikasi yang baik dan jangan menyerah.
    Semoga berhasil 🙂