Rheumatic That Attact Feet

10 06 2008

Kind of rheumaticĀ that attact feet called Plantar Fascitis.
This kind of rheumatic caused by:

  • Overweight
  • Not suit shoes or sandals
  • Too much walking
  • Too much standing
  • And the solutions are:

  • Use a comfortable shoe or sandal. For woman, try not too use high heels too much.
  • Make your bone and joint more healthy (example: consume high calcium supplement that good for your bone and joint like hilo milk)
  • Keep your weight ideal (consume supplement that also low fat like hi-lo milk)
  • Rest your feet after too much walking/standing

  • Overweight and Gout

    8 05 2008

    If you have a problem with your weight like overweight or obesity then you have to aware the risk of osteoarthritis.

    Osteoarthritis is a kind of rheumatic that caused by abnormal wearing of the cartilage and decrease of synovial fluid.

    If you are an overweight person then you put extra stress to your cartilage and joint.

    To avoid that problems, better you consume high calcium supplement, also chondroitine and glucosamine, that could protect you from bone and joint problems, like hilo milk. Beside containing high calcium, chondroitine, and glucosamine which are good for your bone and joint, hi-lo milk is also a low fat milk. So, it doesn’t cause overweight or obesity.

    Why Does HiLo Milk Contains Vitamin D?

    1 04 2008

    When we were on school, we’ve been taught that vitamin D is good for bone’s health.
    Recently I realize that vitamin D also have another function, such as maintain our body’s imune, and reduce risk of high blood pressure, and even cancer! wow…
    That’s why HiLo milk contains vitamin D in the right proportion for our body. Besides good for your bone, Hi-Lo milk also can maintain our body’s imune, and protect us from dangerous deseases.
    It’s makes me more happy to consume HiLo milk šŸ™‚

    Mung Bean HiLo Milk in Bogor

    28 03 2008

    There’s a news about HiLo milk mung bean flavour launching in Bogor city.
    You can see it here.
    Mung bean HiLo milk is save to consumed by people who have lactose intolerance problem. So lactose intolerance people could drink milk without worries, and their calcium needs can beĀ fulfill.

    HiLo Teen Video Also Present in YouTube

    25 03 2008

    HiLo Teen milkĀ video also present in YouTube!
    You can clik here to see it…

    HiLo Milk Video In YouTube

    17 03 2008

    HiLo milk videos is now present in YouTube!
    But I think youtube is having problem now. I can’t embed the video šŸ˜¦

    So, I just give the url: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-tbuX3NBdGU

    Still remember with this HiLo milk video? Many people say that consuming high calcium milk is not good because it smell bad. So people have to close their nose while drinking calcium milk. But Hi-Lo milk is different. It taste far better than other high calcium milk. So you dont have to suffer and close your nose while drinking HiLo hi calcium lo fat milk.

    HiLo milk? it taste far better than other high calcium milk.

    HiLo Milk Highly Recommended

    11 03 2008

    There’s a lot of HiLo milk fans in Indonesia.
    Even 100% writer in pintunet in calcium milk category and powder milk category, highly recommended Hi-Lo milk.
    In calcium milk category, HiLo milk got 4,5 point (from 5)

    HiLo milk highly recommended

    , and in powder milk category, HiLo milk got 4,8 point (from 5).

    HiLo milk - powder milk

    They say various good things about Hi Lo milk. They talk about the good nutrition, allowed, good taste, and various flavour of HiLo milk.