Resep HiLo Kacang Hijau

23 09 2008

Masih ingat dengan lomba kreasi resep yang diselenggarakan

Susu Hi-Lo Kacang Hijau?

Daftar pemenangnya sudah ditampilkan di web nya! Bisa dilihat di

Sepertinya resepnya enak2 tuh…
Team Susu HiLo Nutrifood, bagi2 resepnya donkkk šŸ™‚

Calcium Needs Based On Age

11 07 2008

These are your daily calcium needs based on age:

19-50 years: 1000 mg
>50 years: 1200 mg
Pregnant & breast feeding woman: 1200 mg
Post menopause woman: 1500 mg

You can fulfill your daily calcium needs by consuming HiLo milk regulary.
Hi-Lo milk already categorized by age, such asĀ HiLo active,Ā HiLo gold, andĀ HiLo teen, that’s suit for your bone and joint health.

How To Avoid Osteoporosis?

9 07 2008

It’s not hard to avoid ostheoporosis desease. You can do these things:
– Fullfill your calcium needs
– Do regular excercise/sports
– Avoid alcohol, smoking, and coffee
– Consume high calcium milk (such as hilo milk)
– Do regular bone check up

New HiLo Milk Flavour: Banana Cereal

25 06 2008

When IĀ went toĀ mallĀ Kelapa gading, I found a new flavour of Hi-Lo milk: Banana Cereal.
It’s so delicious, andĀ also contains oat that good for health.
It’s fun to make your bone and joint health with HiLo Milk!
Thank you, HiLo milk šŸ˜‰

Rheumatic That Attact Feet

10 06 2008

Kind of rheumaticĀ that attact feet called Plantar Fascitis.
This kind of rheumatic caused by:

  • Overweight
  • Not suit shoes or sandals
  • Too much walking
  • Too much standing
  • And the solutions are:

  • Use a comfortable shoe or sandal. For woman, try not too use high heels too much.
  • Make your bone and joint more healthy (example: consume high calcium supplement that good for your bone and joint like hilo milk)
  • Keep your weight ideal (consume supplement that also low fat like hi-lo milk)
  • Rest your feet after too much walking/standing

  • Still About Trigger Finger Rheumatic

    6 06 2008

    For more information, trigger finger rheumatic (that attacts your finger) is a kind of outer joint rheumatic.
    Beside tigger finger, other kind of outer joint rheumatic is plantar fascitis (that attact your sole of foot). The sympton of plantar fascitisĀ is pain while your sole of foot touch the floor.
    I’ll review about plantar fascitis in the next post.
    You should consume hi-lo milk that contains supplement for your bone and joint regulary to prevent yourself form many kind of rheumatics.

    Solution for trigger finger (rheumatic in fingers)

    4 06 2008

    Like i said in my last post, here are tips how to overcome rheumatic in fingers (trigger finger) :

  • let your joint’s finger relax
  • do light exercise
  • submerged your fingers in warm water for 10 minutes
  • massage fingers softly
  • consume hilo milk regularly
  • When the trigger-finger comes to the higher stadium, you probably should see your doctor to get appropriate medicine,such as pain killer, or even surgery.
    Before it’s too late, consume hi-lo milk regularly. Because hilo milk contains adequate supplements (calcium, etc) for your bones and joints health. You don’t have to worry about the fat contained, because hi-lo is a low fat milk. If you don’t like milk, hilo milk have a lot of flavour variants. Just pick any of them as your favourite.
    Moreover, there’s mung bean hilo milk which can be consumed by lactose intolerant peoples (get diarrhea after taking milk).

    Rheumatic which attacks hand fingers: Trigger Finger

    29 05 2008

    One of rheumatoid arthritis which attacks hand fingers is trigger finger.

    Symptoms of trigger finger are stiffness and the finger can’t be straightened.

    Trigger finger is caused by thickened tendon and as a result, muscle stucked in the tunnel.
    Trigger finger is commonly happened on women, especially women who have a lot of activities that use hand fingers, like grasping and gripping, and also who lack of high calcium supplement for bones and joint like hilo milk.

    So, what is the solution? See you in the next article.

    Tips to lighten the pain of rheumatic

    28 05 2008

    To lighten the pain of rheumatic, you can do these steps :

    1. Do Rheumatics gym
    2. Relaxation / stretching
    3. Compress with warm water for 20 minutes
    4. Consume Hilo milk regularly

    Hope this post helps you.. šŸ™‚

    Tips To Prevent Rheumatic

    27 05 2008

    Here are some simple tips that could be applied to prevent rheumatic (including gout, etc) :

  • Watch your weight. Keep it ideal
  • Watch your diets (consume healthy foods and low fat, also rich nutrition like hilo milk)
  • Do exercises (sports) regularly (but do not push your self to do repeated movement without break)
  • Let’s protect ourself from rheumatic with healthy life.