Nutrisari Website — What’s New?!

30 09 2009

There’s something new in Nutrisari Website!
Try to hover your mouse to the image on the Nutrisari Website, and see what happen šŸ™‚

Nutrisari Website

Nutrisari Website


Congratulations to all L-Men Of The Year 2009 Winner!

28 07 2009

Congratulations for all L-Men Of The Year 2009 Winner:Ā 

L-Men Of The Year 2009 Winner

L-Men Of The Year 2009 Winner

  1. L-Men of The Year 2009 : Steven (West Java 2)
  2. L-Men of The Year 2009 1st runner-up : Holly (East Java)
  3. L-Men of The Year 2009 2nd runner-up : Dimas (West Java 1)
  4. The Best Body : Dodi (Riau Islands)
  5. The Most Favorite : Valdi (South Sumatera)
  6. The Most Photogenic : Hendry (North Sulawesi)
  7. The Best Catwalk : Holly (East Java)
  8. The Best Acting Model : Steven (West Java 2)

Nutrisari – Precious Thing

27 05 2009

This is a video about Nutrisari – Precious Thing

Nutrisari, healthy drink that made with high quality ingredients and technology (such as encapsulation, granulation, etc).

Audisi L-Men Of The Year 2009 di Manado

17 02 2009

Video Audisi L-Men Of The Year 2009 (LOTY 2009) di Manado:

Juga dapat dilihat di youtube

Osteoporosis – Keropos Tulang

16 06 2008

Osteoporosis adalah salah satu jenis penyakit rematik yang banyak terjadi di Indonesia.
Osteoporosis adalah penyakit pengeroposan tulang.
Salah satu penyebabnya adalah minum susu hanya pada saat balita saja.

Oleh sebab itu susu Hi-Lo NutrifoodĀ membuat produk susu untuk berbagai rentang usia seperti HiLo teen (untukĀ remaja 19 tahun kebawah), HiLoĀ active (usia 19-50 tahun), dan Hi Lo gold (>50 tahun), yang sesuai dengan kebutuhan kalsium danĀ nutrisi lainĀ untuk masing2 usia.
Sehingga dengan mengkonsumsinya secara teratur, tidak akan kekurangan asupan kalsium lagi di masa tua.

Foods for gout patients

6 05 2008

Foods that was not permitted for gout patients are Offal/innard, duck, bird, brain, sardine, shell/mollusks, broth, alcohol, yeast, and canned corner beef.

Foods that must be restricted for gout patients are chicken, fish, shrimp, beans, tofu, tempeh, spinach, stringbean, Gnetum gnemon, mushroom, asparagus, cabbage, and peas.

Foods that was permitted are carbohydrate (rice, corn, noodle, rice vermicelli, cassava, sweets, flour, etc), fruits, vegetables (except that was restricted), oat, low fat milk like hilo milk, cheese, and egg.

Fact About Rheumatic

28 04 2008

Do you know that 1 of 6 people in this world having rheumatics?
And people who have rheumatic in this world now is over than 300 millions. Scary right?!
And the worse, it’s said that the number will increase in the next year…
So, to prevent yourself from rheumatic, you have to consume high calcium suplement regulary, such as hi-lo milk!
Be aware from rheumatic!