Rheumatic and Gout Myth

12 05 2008

There’s a myth said that rheumatics caused by high uric acid level in body.
But that’s wrong!! Gout is only a kind of rheumatic (there are about 100 kinds of rheumatic).

There’s other myth said that rheumatic caused by seafood. That’s wrong too!! Not all kinds of rheumatic caused by seafood, only gout that caused by seafood. Gout caused by high purine level which was contained in seafood and innards. But, the other kinds of rheumatic was not caused by seafood.

There’s a lot of myths about rheumatic and gout. But don’t trust it directly.
The fact is we have to take care of our health in order to avoid all diseases. And one of the way to get there is by consuming the supplement for bones and joint, that were certain must in the right dose, like hilo milk.




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