HiLo Milk Highly Recommended

11 03 2008

There’s a lot of HiLo milk fans in Indonesia.
Even 100% writer in pintunet in calcium milk category and powder milk category, highly recommended Hi-Lo milk.
In calcium milk category, HiLo milk got 4,5 point (from 5)

HiLo milk highly recommended

, and in powder milk category, HiLo milk got 4,8 point (from 5).

HiLo milk - powder milk

They say various good things about Hi Lo milk. They talk about the good nutrition, allowed, good taste, and various flavour of HiLo milk.




3 responses

11 03 2008

I agree !!!
These milk is really really really highly recommended .
Love it !!!

29 08 2008

Agree. last time we even have a free check up bone in our shop. Free drinks Hi-lo Milk as well. Check our newspaper ads for free bone checking + free drinks in Subur Furniture store, roxy, Jakarta

1 09 2008

pastinya…..oke dan nyummmiiii

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