Rheumatic which attacks hand fingers: Trigger Finger

29 05 2008

One of rheumatoid arthritis which attacks hand fingers is trigger finger.

Symptoms of trigger finger are stiffness and the finger can’t be straightened.

Trigger finger is caused by thickened tendon and as a result, muscle stucked in the tunnel.
Trigger finger is commonly happened on women, especially women who have a lot of activities that use hand fingers, like grasping and gripping, and also who lack of high calcium supplement for bones and joint like hilo milk.

So, what is the solution? See you in the next article.

Milk Helps To Quit Smoking

2 04 2008

Milk can help you to quit smoking? really?
Research said that milk could make smoke taste bad. So that smokers don’t like to smoke anymore.
Besides, milk is good for your health. Especially milk that contains high calcium.
But you have to be carefull in choosing milk. Have to suit with your needs. I think you can choose PT Nutrifood’s milk products, such as TropicanaSlim milk that is low fat, WRP milk for woman who cares about their appearance, L-men milk for men who wants to have sixpack, Diabetamil milk for diabetics, HiLo active and HiLo gold milk that’s low fat, contains high calcium with glucosamine and chondroitine that good for your joint, HiLo Soleha milk that contains more vitamin D, and also HiLo teen milk for teenager who wants to increase their body’s height.
You can choose your own milk 🙂

L-Men Milk

14 02 2008

Have you ever heard about a “six-pack”? Do you want it?

It’s easy for men to have a six-pack now. Men just need to consume L-Men milk (www.l-men.com), with a light excerise, and they can have a six-pack.

L-Men milk is a special milk for men. LMen milk can boost up muscle weight, and helps to make a six-pack.
L-Men milk’s price is not too expensive compares with it extraordinary function.

Besides could make a six-pack, L-Men milk from PT Nutrifood Indonesia also helps to increase men’s health. If men have a healthy body and a six-pack, he would become more handsome and cool, so they could attract women’s heart easily.

L-Men milk is so fantastic!