Does rheumatic attacks old people only?

16 04 2008

There’s a Myth that said rheumatics attacks old people only, Is that true?
No, that’s not true. Even though the risk of getting rheumatic is increase in old people
(since joint’s protector become thinner as we growth old). But, rheumatic also attacks young people.
A survey said that 1 of 6 rheumatic’s patient is young people even kids.
Horrible right??

Based on the fact, we have to prevent rheumatic earlier.
So how to prevent it? Of course by taking high calcium supplement which have the right dose for the right age.

The easiest way is consuming Hilo milk which suitable to your age.
There is Hilo Teen milk for teenager below than 19 years old, Hi-lo Active milk for 19- 50 years old, and also Hilo Gold milk for more than 50 years old.
Hi-lo milk had adjusted the dose of calcium, vitamins, and minerals to the range of age.
So, you don’t need to worry about what kind of supplement that suitable to your age.
Hilo milk is the answer!!




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