Easily Get Mad? Maybe You Lack Of Vitamin B12

11 04 2008

Are you a kind of person that easily get mad or offended?
Maybe you are a person that lack of vitamin B-12.

Vitamin B12 or cobalamin very important for our health,
especially for our growth and nervous system.
So, if you lack of vitamin B12, it will harm yourself, because it blocked your growth, increase stupidity, and make you easily get mad and offended.

Source of vitamin B12 are animal’s product, seafood, eggs, liver, soy beans, and of course Hilo milk.

You have to start consuming vitamin B12 earlier.
Because if you just start cosuming vitamin B-12 when you’re old, it’s too late, your body doesn’t have substance’s breaking agent anymore.

So, It’s better to consume Hi-lo milk regularly. And, start right now!!




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