Osteoarthitis VS Osteoporosis

8 04 2008

Do you know what’s the difference between osteoarthitis and osteoporosis?
Both known as rheumatic.
But, rheumatic have various kind and source.
Osteoarthitis caused by joint’s problem, and osteoporosis caused by bone problem because lack of calcium.

And how to prevent it?
Of course it’s depend on the kind of rheumatic.
You can prevent osteoarthitis by consuming glucosamine and chondroitine in the right portion. And you can prevent osteoporosis by consuming high calcium regulary.
But because of hilo milk, we dont need to worry anymore. All the good ingredients to prevent/heal rheumatic contains in hi-lo milk.
Just by consuming hilo milk regulary, you can be prevented of many kind of illness. Beside that, hi-lo milk also contains a lot of vitamins and minerals that’s good for your body’s health.
HiLo milk is all in one 🙂

I will explain about another kind of rheumatic in the next post…




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