Vitamin B6 in HiLo Milk

14 03 2008

Everybody want to have a great appearance.
But, we always feel that something wrong with our appearance, like skins problem or hairloss.
I’ve read a health article, and it said that vitamin B6 can solve our problems cause vitamin B6 can conquer / overbear the skin problems and hairloss, helping in proteins and lipids metabolism, and also boost our imune system.
We can get the vitamin B6 easily and of course with a great taste in HiLo milk. Hi-Lo milk contain a lot of vitamins, including vitamin B6 that very useful for our body. wow… that’s great, right.
By taking Hi Lo milk, we can get a lot of benefits for our health. And the taste is so delicious. So, we can take care our health by a delicious way with HiLo.




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25 03 2008
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