Served Warm or Cold, Mung Bean HiLo Milk is the Best!

6 03 2008

Horray… finally i could tried mung bean HiLo Active milk.

First, I Tried the warm version. And the taste was so delicious. The smell was so good. It’s really teasing me than the other high calcium milk.
I have a friend that doesn’t like milk. But he can drink these mung bean Hi-Lo Milk. Is it wierd? Obviously, after I read the information, Hi Lo milk are low-lactose milk. So, it is compatible for lactose intolerant people. So you don’t have to worry to get diarrhea after you drink HiLo milk. And also, your calcium needs will fulfill.

After that, I tried the cold version. I served the mung bean HiLo milk, pour it to a plastic, then put them to the freezer. A couple hours later, I have mung bean HiLo ice cream. Yummy.. It’s been a long time since i had an ice cream. It’s really really really tasty. Cold, fresh, and healthy also. The taste of the mung bean is so nice…

There’s a fun way to be health. With HiLo mung bean milk of course 🙂




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